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I've had the privilege over the years of working on a wide variety of projects around the world  as a DP, a Producer, and a Creative Director.


Meet Nuro

In 2022 at Nuro we needed a brand campaign that opened the doors to the public and let them see who we were.  This campaign generated over 285k unique organic impressions, 12k+ engagements, and over 100k unique views across our social channels.  This campaign outperformed any other campaign we or our competitors launched in 2022.

Nuro Announcement

At the beginning of  2022 we needed to announce our newest vehicle - which was only in design form.  Acting as producer and associate creative director for the project, the team and I contracted outside animation, rendering, and audio contractors to create this announcement video. This piece of content was picked up by national and international news media and was widely redistributed.

Christmas Truce

An old project but one I'm still immensely proud of.  I acted as DP and associate producer on this piece.  I was in charge of schedule and shot list specifically.

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